Chris is an English teacher in South Korea who is lazy at work and lazy in life — an expat looking for a good time, trying to run away from the shame and responsibilities of his life back home.

After his school fires him for boring the students and his girlfriend dumps him for not learning any Korean, he must make the choice of going back home or starting over and doing things right.

At his lowest point, Chris meets Minhee, a bright young Korean woman who has plans to live abroad in the future. Hoping to reverse his destructive lifestyle, he agrees to help Minhee study for an upcoming English exam if she helps him learn Korean. Even without the right words, they know there's something more between them — but Minhee is still tied to her boyfriend Sangwon, and Chris is always one mistake away from reverting back to his old ways of failure.

Title: Konglish

Country: Canada/South Korea

Runtime: 95 Minutes

Writer/Director: Christopher Arnone

Cinematographer: Paul Steinke

Cast: Christopher Arnone, Son Sooah, Yoo Mingon, Song Jiyeon




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